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Kini Kouture Couture

Discover Kini Kouture's bespoke couture bikinis for women's bodybuilding and athletic competitions.




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Kini Kouture custom designed outfits

Bikinis and trunks for women's and men's bodybuilding.

Including stage costumes swimsuits, pageant competitions, burlesque, drag, events & photoshoots.

Kini Kouture is a couture bikini & costume designer and maker specialising in creating stunning bikinis & costumes for bodybuilding, burlesque, stage performances, pageants, drag, special events, & photoshoots.

Kini Kouture’s range of bikinis & costumes are designed to enhance the physique, accentuate the body and provide comfort and support during shows and competitions.

Kini Kouture has a beautiful catalogue range of bikinis and one-piece suits, including competition bikinis, bodybuilding suits, swimsuits, Angel Wings, & stage costumes for competition. All pieces are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and comfort.

Authentic couture design and creation make Kini Kouture the standout and most sought-after bikini and Stage costume maker for the stage and competitions. Kini Kouture offers luxurious, bespoke bikinis & costumes designed to fit the individual’s body perfectly. This service is ideal for anyone looking for a unique and personalised look on stage.

Kini Kouture also offers costume jewellery designed to complement the bikinis and add sparkle and glamour to any competition outfit. The range of jewellery includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all designed to make you feel beautiful and confident.

Our specialty is Angel Wings and all styles of Wings, head-pieces and accessories.

Make a statement on stage at your next bodybuilding, stage event or photoshoot with a Kini Kouture bikini.