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Couture with Michelle oz

What is Couture?

The word “Couture”, meaning ‘dressmaking’ or ‘sewing’, Is the design and creation of fashionable garments to the client’s specific measurements and requirements.

Our Label ‘ Kini Kouture ‘ is a take on ‘ Bikini Couture’ with our modern twist.

When we talk about ‘Couture’ Level garments and costumes with Kini Kouture, we invite you to have not only exceptional quality designs created by us for you but also an exceptional experience.
You will be liaising with our head designer and Couturier, Michelle Oz, from the conception of the design process until the completion of your design.

From conversations about your expectations to sketches, fabric & accessory choices, sampling and fittings, you will be personally consulted throughout the process to arrive at your dream design.